Vera Manzi-Schacht


Statement: 'Tempietto: Labyrinth from Lucca' - a terracotta model that is one of many to complete The Memory Palace Theater. Diverse elements are involved: enclosure, natural light, sanctuary, enfoldment, and the figure. These elements are to be integrated into a unity. On the north side of the "Tempietto" is a translation of the Latin inscription found in the portico the the 12c San Martino Cathedral in Lucca. This inscription, next to a carving of a labyrinth, describes the plight of Theseus:
This is the labyrinth with the Cretan Daedalus constructed out of which
nobody could get out who was inside, except Theseus. Nor could he
have done it unless he had been helped by Ariadne"s thread, all for love.

Tempietto: Labyrinth from Lucca