Vera Manzi-Schacht


“to enlighten the world” Old French Named for the 12th century Cathar Countess of Foix and Monsegur, Languedoc. Noted for her skill of debate at Pamiers, she received the position of Perfect in 1206. Inscribed on the work are writings pertaining to ideas, myths and inspiration during the sculpting process. The image of wheat is used throughout, evoking the life sustaining and mythic significance of bread. Parts of the medieval legend, The Grain Tale of the Madonna, is inscribed on the right side, as is the Black Madonna della Spica and the litany of the Virgin. References to grain and the Osiris myth are inscribed on the left side. Esclarmonde’s right foot is placed on a lion - a Leone Lucania. The words “forza’ and “corragio” are inscribed from the “soul/soul of the foot” to Mechtild of Magdeburg’s “my soul roars with the voice of a hungry lion!”


terracotta 5’x41/2’x41/2’

National Sculpture Society at the Americas Tower Building, NYC