Vera Manzi-Schacht


A MEMORY PALACE – a memory system – a means for storing and remembering information and forging images, a modus operandi of conceptions. The Greeks first used it in the 5th century B.C.and practiced for two thousand years. Giulio Camillo, a Venetian Renaissance esoteric philosopher, continued this system. In 1530 he build a Memory Palace Theater for the King of France, Francois Premier. Using media such as the figure, terracotta, natural light installations – the Seraph Series – and the computer, I propose to build, sculpt and interpret A Memory Palace Theatre based on the work of Camillo, as inspired by his concepts of metaphor and symbolism.

Installation: Seraph/Luxor

natural light, paper, wood, terracotta 12� x 20� x 10�

video credit: Paul Demonte.